Be Prepared for Cold Weather With Night Owl

With cold weather in the forecast, having an emergency plan in place that protects your Community and your Residents is critical. Night Owl Restoration and Contractors can help design and implement an emergency plan to both Mitigate after a loss and complete the Repairs needed to get your Residents back to living comfortably and safely.

In the event of cold weather freezing water and sprinkler lines and causing damage to your units, the immediate aftermath can be very chaotic and challenging. Night Owl can provide Fans, Dehumidifiers, Water Extraction, and the associated Labor along with estimates to perform all necessary rebuilds. This can range from single unit damage all the way to entire building damage. We take pride in our ability to be your Single Source Contractor through the event.

Contact us today  to set up a response plan for your community and ensure its success despite the unknowns from the weather.

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